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Welcome to Shared VPS hosting at A-Hoster.com!

  We are the first who is offering Forex traders a Linux (LXDE desktop) based Forex VPS for trading with Metatrader starting from just 1$ / month! Great for trading strategies testing purposes. Or if you want to have a remote PC always accessible with uninterrupted power supply and internet connection.

New! HERE you can see live screenshots of some of our clients.

New! Now you can use latest wine version an have no missing icons in Metatrader (New users only).

New! FTP connection. Now you can user your favourite PC file manager to access VPS files directly via FTP. All new users get this handy feature by default, existing users should apply for this, by writing an email to our admin.

New! Have created automatic monitoring and restart of all our VPS servers, so the servers uptime is around 99,9%

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LXDE Forex VPS desktop Terminal Terminal

VPS account Monitor

VPS account Monitor  -  click for full screenshot

All plans get VPS account Monitor for free. This software provides detailed statistics of your trades on all terminals within VPS. Moreover, you can even not bother login in to your VPS account - just launch another copy on your PC. No more switching between multiple terminals to find out how your trade robots are getting on. It counts your profits in percents, currency or points, drawdown, as well as all the errors (provided that EA do not use GetLastError() function) - a usefull thing to compare brokers and ged rid of the worst one. Also, you can get results in a live web table form, like this one:

<p>Sorry, your browser doesn't seem to support frames</p>

You can also embed this table with your trading results in any webpage using this code:

<iframe src="http://VPS_IP/UserName_htm.php"<Your browser does not support or is blocking frames!</iframe>

If you just want this software without VPS services, you can download it from HERE and then buy 3 unlocking codes for 20$ for 3 PCs:

After you send us your PC's Machine Code we will send you unlock code for use with that PC.

Please note, that Account Monitor won't show you any stats unless you feed it with data by copyig a VPS_Account_Monitor_Data_EA_1.0.ex4 file to MT Experts directory and attach it to a chart, and tick Master checkbox. You need to input IP (without port) and VPS login - only for non-master instances of Monitor, when remote viewing it from home PC.

The VPS plans specs are:

Plan1 - Basic (12$ /12 months)

CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 0 @ 2.30GHz

RAM: 64 Mb


Control Panel: Webmin

VPS account Monitor

Allowed Metatrader instances: 1

Shared with: 12

Prepayment: 12 Months

Plan2 - Advanced (12$ /6 months)

CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 0 @ 2.30GHz

RAM: 128 Mb


Control Panel: Webmin

VPS account Monitor

Allowed Metatrader instances: 2

Shared with: 6

Prepayment: 6 Months

Plan3 - Premium (15$ /3 months)

CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 0 @ 2.30GHz

RAM: 256 Mb

HDD: 4.5 GB

Control Panel: Webmin

VPS account Monitor

Allowed Metatrader instances: 3

Shared with: 3

Prepayment: 3 Months

Plan4 - Professional (18$ /2 months)

CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 0 @ 2.30GHz

RAM: 512 Mb


Control Panel: Webmin

VPS account Monitor

Allowed Metatrader instances: 4

Shared with: 1

Prepayment: 2 Months

Plan5 - Extreme (18$ /month)

CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 0 @ 2.30GHz

RAM: 1024 Mb

HDD: 18 GB

Control Panel: Webmin

VPS account Monitor

Allowed Metatrader instances: limited only by RAM (each MT normally consumes from 17 to 30 Mb)

Shared with: 0 (not shared with anyone)

Prepayment: 1 Month

Plan6 - Demo (6$ /1 day)

CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 0 @ 2.30GHz

RAM: 64 Mb


Control Panel: Webmin

VPS account Monitor

Allowed Metatrader instances: 1

Shared with: 12

Prepayment: 1 Day

As you already know, Linux is the safest OS available at the moment. And when it comes to safety of your money it definitely matters.

So we are happy to offer Linux based VPS, able to run Windows programs by WINE. Why this VPS is so cheap?

The reason of this extremely low price on VPS market is that we are actually offering Shared Linux Accounts of a single VPS node.

We provide full backend with built-in VNC-viewer and file manager to view or control your VPS from any web browser from anywhere.

It also has System Stats, Language and theme selection.

And dynamic screenshots service make it easier to monitor your trades even from insecure/public PC/phone from anywhere, or simply share this link with your investors

To buy VPS please select your plan and use one of the folowing payment systems:


For first time users, there are demo accounts in "Test for 1 day" plan for 6$:

Select VPS Plans

LIQPAY: Pay by VISA/MasterCard (no fees)
make payment to the following phone number: +79096382240

make payment to the following e-mail: azizazizovyandex.ru

make payment to this account: 410011175743598

make payment to any of the following purses: Z275478423152, E422857176038, R324079827144

REFUND policy

Refunds are possible, but a fee is substracted from each refund, which consists of:

1) Minimal one-time VPS setup fee - 10$

2) Payment for months or days of actual service usage


If you've paid 12$ / 12 months and used it for 2 months, then refund sum is 12$ - 10$ = 2$ / 12 months = 0.16 $ * 2 months = 0.33$

If you've paid 18 $ / 2 months and used it for 1 month, then refund sum is 18$-10$ = 8$ / 2 months = 4$ * 1 month = 4$

By using our services you indicate your agreement to this refund policy.

As you can see, due to our minimal prices refund is not something to worry about.

And then...

After payment, please inform us of your payment on this e-mail: supporta-hoster.com

(this e-mail is protected - do not copy/paste it, type it in manually)

If you do not receive our answer during 24 hours, then our e-mail with your VPS account details may be blocked by your antispam filters. Then you should contact us again via alternative communications - Skype, Facebook, or support chat, and we will resend you your server details.

Please specify your desired login name, password and VPS plan in that e-mail, so we could properly setup your VPS account (anything but "admin" or "Admin", "root" or "Root") and password (8 characters max). Please be patient, as all the accounts are created manually at the moment. We plan to automate it in future.

After payment was made and received by us, within 24h (usually 15 minutes - only if you are NOT the first client on selected VPS plan and cluster) you will be sent an e-mail with your VPS login credentials and link. Then you can login to your VPS Control Panel with login you provided us and then you can setup Metatrader by following these steps:

1. Login to VPS

In Control Panel first setup language and theme to your liking, then go to Other tab, click VNC Client, input your password, click ok. Alternatively, you can try any other VNC client, like UltraVNS or TigerVNC - they also will not distort colors. You will have to provide your IP and port number which you were sent by us. It should be entered in this format: YourServerIP:Port

There's great RDP/VNC client for Android too: PocketCloud

So, it's really simple as that to get to your VPS account. What? Are you saying it's not easy? :) Anyway, if you experience any problems just call us by Skype or email and we will guide you.

2. Install Metatrader

After login to VPS, just launch Firefox browser from the taskbar below, browse to your broker site and download Metatrader. After that browse to downloaded executable file, and can launch it, installing like on any windows, after Wine configures itself at first launch.

If downloaded program file doesn't launch then do the following left-click it and set X (execute) permissions to yourself:

3. Important! : Make Metatrader autostart if system reboots

Copy the desktop Metatrader shortcuts which you need to autostart and paste them to /home/YourUserName/.config/autostart via filebrowser in taskbar. If you don't see .config directory, press CTRL+H to show hidden/system files.

4. Install expert advisors

The easiest way is to upload them via file browser from your VPS Control Panel. Upload them to /home/YourUserName/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/YourBrokerName/experts.

Or, if you have 600 or later build of Metatrader - upload them to /home/YourUserName/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/YourBrokerName/MQL4/Experts.

After which go back to VNC Client and after login restart your Metatrader terminals, attach EA to chosen chart, select timeframe and enable experts by pressing Expert Advisors button.

That's it, you are ready to go.

Besides trading, you can also use VPS for other small non-standard tasks:

  • Check availability of your websites for US;
  • Instant change of your IP address without losing browser functionality (legal use only!);
  • Personal online storage;
  • Renting a PC for just 12$ / year;
  • Exploring Linux without need to install anf fine tune it on your PC;

    To do list:

    1. Create a kind of a decent website with online support

    2. Automate account creation and billing

    3. Remove missing Metatrader icons bug. - Already fixed.

    Now you can look at some more screenshots:

    Maximal CP VNC (Plan 3)

    Minimal CP FileManager

    Minimal CP VNC


    And HEREyou can see live screenshots of some of our clients.

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    1. Owners of A-hoster.com services shall never be liable for any financial, material, moral or psychic damage.

    2. Trading at Forex market are risky operations. Use at your own risk.

    3. We will not allow any illegal usage of our services and server - no website hacking, porn hosting, weapon and drug trafficking. Any such activity will be bloked and account deleted without money refund. We had to put this warning as one customer from Ebay was noticed in such abusing of our services.

    4. From our side we guarantee that your personal data or software will never be sold or passed over to third parties, unless it is required by law-enforcement institutions.

    5. By using our services you agree and accept our terms of service.


    E-mail: supporta-hoster.com

    ICQ: 271056737

    Skype: aziz_azizov

    Mobile: +79096382240